With a bustling tourism industry, fantastic nightlife and unending attractions, Las Vegas is an incredible city to call home. Whether you’re planning to vacation in Las Vegas whenever possible or you’re eager to rent for full-time living, a condo can be the answer. Low maintenance means that you can spend more of your time enjoying what Las Vegas has to offer. Before you sign a rental agreement, check out these things to know when leasing a condo in Las Vegas.

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Who Are You Renting From?
One of the first things to find out when you’re thinking about leasing a condo in Las Vegas is who, exactly, you’re renting the condo from. Find out whether you are leasing the property from the condo developer or the unit owner, as it is important to know who to contact if there are problems like broken appliances or flooding.

What Fees Will You be Responsible For?
Typically, anyone who owns a condo will be responsible for monthly Home Owner Association, or HOA, fees. These can vary from under $100 per month all the way into the thousands, and it all depends on the amenities and facilities offered and the services that residents can expect. Read through any rental agreements carefully to find out whether the owner will be responsible for these monthly fees or if they will have to be paid by the person leasing the condo.

What HOA Regulations are in Place?
Living in Las Vegas can be a lot of fun, but don’t forget that condos typically have strict regulations for residents. The best way to learn what these rules and guidelines might be is to ask to view the condo community’s CC&R, or covenants, conditions and restrictions. This should tell you everything from where to park to how late the pools or common areas can be used at night.

Where in Las Vegas is the Condo Located?
If you’re coming from outside of Clark County, do some homework and find out where in Las Vegas the condo is actually located. Keep in mind that the Las Vegas Strip, where the heart of the tourism industry is situated, is not all the city has to offer. You might want to lease a condo in a newer community like Centennial Hills or close to the action of Fremont.

Leasing a condo in Las Vegas can be a savvy move for anyone eager to dive into the fun of the area. Keep these tips in mind to ensure that you walk away with the right condo for your needs and your budget.

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