Why Buy a Condo in Las Vegas Instead of Renting?

When people think of fun, adventure and excitement, the city of Las Vegas often comes to mind, and if you are planning to find a new place in Downtown Las Vegas, a place on the Strip, or move here from out of town, you might be wondering whether you should rent an apartment or buy a condo. At first, opting for an apartment might seem like the wise move, but you need to take a closer look if you want to enjoy the best possible results. In most cases, choosing to buy a condo in the Vegas area will provide you with many benefits that you would not enjoy otherwise.

Feeling enthusiastic about moving, some residents of Las Vegas decide to change locations without putting much thought into the process, which is a mistake. You are about to learn the main reasons to buy a Vegas condo versus renting an apartment. Armed with the right information, you will be able to move forward without stress, making the right decision for your situation. Here is a quick list of the advantages of buying a condo in Las Vegas:

  • Equity
  • Make it Your Own
  • Cost Savings

Homeowner Equity and Cost Savings

No matter what your goals are, investing in your future is always wise, but knowing where to invest your money is not always easy. When you rent an apartment, the money that you pay in rent is gone forever. You could live in the same building for years, but you will get nothing in return if you decide to move to another location. When they see how much money they will lose over time, some individuals are quick to avoid the rental process.

If you are searching for a quality investment opportunity that won’t let you down, buying a condo in Las Vegas could be the right path for you. Before you even pay off the loan, you can start building equity. If you decide to move out of your condo, you can sell it to get your money back. But Las Vegas is a prime tourist destination, so you can also choose to allow people to rent your condo if you would like to earn reoccurring revenue.

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If you want any environment to feel like home, then customizing your living space is a powerful way to reach your goal. From wallpaper to your favorite appliances, adding a personal touch to your home is one of the simple joys of life. But you likely won’t be able to do so if you rent an apartment.

Those who rent will be subject to the rules and regulations of the landlord or property manager, and the person who oversees the property will place many restrictions on how you can treat your home. On the other hand, you will be free to change the look and feel of a condo to match your sense of taste and style.

Many people do not realize that The Ogden in Downtown Las Vegas (DTLV) is Fannie Mae approved, this is a very unique status for a high rise condo in the Las Vegas area, as it opens up residential mortgage options for a very sought after location, there are no other condo locations in Downtown Las Vegas that are approved for Fannie Mae mortgage options. This is great for both primary and secondary home buyers.

When you decide that buying a condo makes sense for your situation, the next step involves finding the right condo. Although Las Vegas offers many options, both locals and tourists view The Ogden as one of the top choices. Not only does it have friendly staff, but The Ogden is also located in the center of the action, so you will never miss out on the great times of Las Vegas. If you need help financing your new investment there are options available for financing, and the Fannie Mae qualification makes it even easier.

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