AirBNB in Las Vegas

Gigabit Penthouse Condo in DTLV

Las Vegas, NV, United States

Gorgeous updated luxury Penthouse condo, High quality bed, mountain and Las Vegas Blvd views North w/ all amenities in the heart of Las Vegas, 24 hr pool, jacuzzi, gym, bars and food! Full kitchen…

There’s always something exciting to do in Vegas whether you’re visiting for the over-the-top shows, mouth-watering foods, historical museums, grand canyons, gambling fun or a quickie wedding. The good news is that you can save some money on the enormous hotel costs by using Vegas Airbnb. Airbnb in Vegas is an amazing accommodation site that allows everyday people and private investors to offer their properties so that other people can have lodging when they visit Sin City. There are many benefits to using Las Vegas Airbnb to plan your accommodations on Airbnb in Downtown Las Vegas or the Las Vegas Strip. Here are just a few:


Privacy is something that you’ll long for after you spend day and night in such an action-filled city. After hearing the show’s music or the sound of slot machines in your ears, you’ll be glad to go back to your rented condo and just relax by yourself or with your loved one. Airbnb Las Vegas is amazing because you can choose from a variety of hosts and properties. You can sift through the listings and find something that has the view of the ocean or a certain type of accommodation. You can choose a room with a Jacuzzi. You can even choose the host by his or her likes and dislikes.


Socialization is another perk of using Airbnb Las Vegas. You get the opportunity to meet some new friends when you use the site. The hosts will add their interaction levels to their listings. They will let potential renters know if they want to go out for drinks, watch movies together or hit the casinos with the visitors. Many people have made life-long friends on Vegas Airbnb. That usually doesn’t happen at your regular hotel.

Secure Transactions

You will save a ton of money by choosing your resting place on the Las Vegas Airbnb site. The cost of your stay will only be a fraction of the cost of what you would normally pay for a Vegas hotel. You can conduct your transactions over a secure server with your credit or debit card and feel secure about having your money safe with Airbnb in Vegas. Additionally, you can get some perks like a home-cooked breakfast or barbecue. You never know what’s in store for you from the hosts on Airbnb. They are usually amazing people who want to share a portion of their lives with people who are new to the area or visiting. You may end up having a blast.

Reputation Building Opportunity

Renting a condo on Airbnb gives you the opportunity to build your reputation. Once you get established as a respectable renter, you will be able to rent just about any property you desire. You can also help your host build his or her profile, as well. It’s a win-win situation with odds better than blackjack at the Golden Nugget.

Instant Reservations

You never have to stress about not being able to get a hotel room during the busy season. You can book your room instantly through one of Airbnb’s wonderful hosts.

How to Reserve an Entire Condo

Sign up for Airbnb today and start your search. You can start looking for your rental unit the moment you are done signing up. All you have to do is enter the dates of your expected trip and “Las Vegas” into the search bar, and hit “search”. You can search by room type (shared, entire home, private room), booking type (instant, regular), price range or some other filter. Reviews are available so that you can judge your options based upon cleanliness, host hospitality, accommodations or something else. When you find a condo that you desire, you simply put in your reservation request and have fun.

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